Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Why Do You Buy Organic Products

Today, the word ‘organic’ has become an integral part of urban vocabulary. People have become a lot more aware about the type of product that they are using on their skin or are using as food. As food adulteration has reached alarming height, a slow and steady movement of shifting to organic food is being seen.

Organic food, cosmetics and clothes are the segments that are seeing the highest growth. The reasons for shifting to an organic life are varied. Some people say they are doing it for the environment, while the others say that it is safe for them and their family. Some people opted for organic due to health concerns.

Are you using organic products? What was the reason for you to shift to organic products? Did it make any difference to your life?

Share your story with us. May be it may lead to more organic converts!!

Take care
Ecoliciously Organic