Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Healthy Kitchen Storage

I have recently shifted to a new house. With a new house came a new and big kitchen. And with a big kitchen came the matter of filling them with storage containers and items. 

So what's the big deal, you would ask. Actually I have been trying to reduce plastics in my life. So I was faced with the dilemma of choosing containers which gave the ease in terms of viewing the products in the container as well as the sturdiness of the plastic containers. Glass containers, though look beautiful, but were not were an option due to the uncertainty of their breaking. Moreover, I had more drawers than cupboards in the kitchen. So, I finally decided to go with steel containers - eco-friendly, clean and sturdy. Since, I am working, so going to market along with setting up the house seemed daunting. Moreover, Mr. P (my hubby) like most men, gets very impatient while shopping for kitchen.

So, I turned to internet and was pleasantly surprised to find so many options in steel for the kitchen. Beautiful, Stylish, Colourful and not at all those boring all steel type containers that we used to get earlier. They even had options of see through lids for kitchen drawers. Check out some of them:

 - Labelled for ease in putting them in cupboards*

 - See through lids for your drawers as well as cupboards*

-  They are colourful too*

-  Airtight*
*Images sourced from various online shopping sites

 Though the prices of steel containers are definitely more than the plastic ones, but given their longevity and health factor, I feel they are value for money.

Do you agree? Would you shift to a plastic free kitchen?

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