Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Ecoliciously Organic Plate – The plates that fell off trees

Planning an event, picnic, get together? How about using plates and cutlery that are biodegradable. You are spared the drudgery of washing plates and the earth is spared the burden of over piling wastes.

In Indian culture, we have been using leaves as plates since time immemorial. Even today on auspicious occasions it is preferred to eat on banana leaves. Till a few years back, in many events (such as wedding etc.) in India food was served in leaf plates and bowls commonly known as pattal and dona.

The same concept has been given a modern twist and beautiful plates are now being made of Areca leaves, which are being marketed outside India as the eco-friendly version of plates. In fact most of these plates are manufactured and exported from India itself.

 Image source: Ecoleafplates.com
Time to visit our roots or rather leaves?

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