Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thrifty Thursday Finds

Today, I bring to you some organic products for your skin. But, first of all, lets know the difference between Organic and Natural products, since the cosmetic market is flooded by these terms which are often used interchangeably.

In plain layman terms,Organic products are those that are made from ingredients that have been produced without using any chemical pesticide or insecticide.

In more detail terms,  Natural products are made from plants and minerals that occur in nature and have not been produced in a laboratory. But these products may not necessarily be free from pesticide, insecticide or chemicals. On the other hand Organic beauty products means that they are made from certified organic materials. I had mentioned about various organic certifications in my earlier post.

Ultimately whether you are shopping for natural/organic product is entirely up to you, but don’t assume the word “natural” means it’s better for you or for the planet. Read the label to find out what the product is really made of, look out for synthetic ingredients in cosmetics.When shopping for organic beauty products, make sure they are certified organic products.

So, happy shopping.

Organic for the Skin*

 *Images sourced from various online shopping sites
  1. Rustic Art Organic Sun Screen Lotion - Rs. 750/-
  2. Rustic Art Organic Daily Moisturising  Lotion - Rs. 550/-
  3. Rustic Art Organic Lavender Hue Lotion - Rs. 675/-
  4. Soul Tree Ayurvedic Moisturiser - Rs. 350/-
  5. Soul Tree Green Tea Under Eye Cream - Rs. 250/-
  6. SOS Organics Orange Spice Body Scrub - Rs. 170/-  
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