Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Natural Essence

Little things seem nothing, but they give peace, like those meadow flowers which individually seem odorless but all together perfume the air.’
…………………Georges Bernanos

There was something fishy going on in my office room. No, no, no………..don’t narrow your eyes just yet. Nothing wrong was going on behind my back. My room smelled bad for quite few days. I did not smell it, but people who entered my room did. It was kind of stuffy and stingy smell.

So, I ventured on the quest to get my room rid of this treacherous smell, which did not show its presence to me but was sly enough to make his presence felt when others entered my room.

I did not want to burn anything in my room, or put ambi pur kind of thing as I am allergic to it. Room freshner was not an option as it would have to be sprayed again and again, and I have been told to avoid these kinds of fragrances. So, in my quest for the ‘right’ kind of smell fighter, I chanced upon Reed Diffusers. My eyes lit with joy, and lo and behold I ordered one of them right off the internet and started eagerly awaiting for my bundle of fragrance.

And it did arrive after 2-3 days. I happily tore up the wrapping like an excited child, poured the oil into the bottle, added the reeds and proudly placed it on my table waiting for my room to smell like roses (er……in this case lavender). And smelled it did, but it was too strong for me and I started having headaches. I immediately reduced the amount of oil, but the strong smell and headache was still there. I was crestfallen. The very thing that I had avoided by not spraying the room freshner was sitting right there on my desk.

Then began another quest, to find oil that did not contain alcohol, and the one that did not give me headaches. To my delight, in the infinite world of internet, and the small world of eco-friendly online markets, I found NaturalMantra that had the perfect oil for me.

Essential oil from Nyassa.
Image Courtesy - NaturalMantra

I immediately ordered it from NaturalMantra and when it was delivered, it was true to what it promised – gentle, alcohol free and eco-friendly. No more headaches and my room has a fresh lemony smell. It became such a hit in my office that everyone came looking to find just from where was this heavenly smell coming from. I am so happy.

So are you still buying alcohol laden fragrances? Or did you switch? Tell us

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