Monday, September 2, 2013

What Exactly Do These Mean - Jargon Explained

We get confused with these terms so often that we usually consider them one and the same thing. I have already tried to explain some of the jargon (you can read them here). In this post, I have tried to put all the terms together. So lets' get thing uncomplicated.

  • Organic: Food grown on organic farms without the use of artificial additives, colours, synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, hormones, pesticides, radiation or genetic manipulation. A certified organic product is more reliable.

  • Natural: Products that do not contain any artificial ingredients, colouring agents, chemical preservatives or flavouring. But Natural doesn't necessarily means that they are organic.

  • Green: In terms of Food, it means foods that are rich in chlorophyll or its supplements They may or may not be organic. Green is also interchangeably used with things that are eco-friendly.

  • Ayurvedic: Widely regarded as the oldest alternative system of healing, All Ayurvedic products are derived from herbs and claim medicinal properties. Again they may or may not be organic.

  • Ethical: Products manufactured with fair trade practices or those that do not endanger human, animal or plant life, are not tested on animals, and do not use unethical means like child labour during the production process. Usually ethical products have fair trade certifications. May or may not be organic.

  • Herbal: Products that include herbs, herbal materials—flowers, fruits, seeds, stems, leaves, bark, roots, or their combined preparations in powdered or fragmented form—and finished herbal products where the active ingredients are all derived from plants or parts of plants. Herbal does not necessarily mean ayurvedic or organic.

  • Eco-friendly: Protective of the environment, eco-friendly products are created while conserving natural resources like water and energy and contribute to the prevention of air, water and land pollution. Organic products mostly are eco-friendly as they have minimal impact on water, air and land but eco-friendly products does not necessarily mean that they are organic.
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