Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Recycling is Passe.....Lets Upcycle!!!

I came to know about Thunk's website by chance during one of my numerous google searches and immediately was intrigued by it. It sells upcycled products.

But before delving further into the post, lets first understand what is the difference between 'Recycle' and 'Upcycle'.

Thunk manufactures goods from non-biodegradable waste material that usually finds its way in landfills. And not only Thunk, but I found another website, greenthegap, which also sells upcycled materials. And no, these are not boring products which only 'the treehugger kind' uses, but these are vibrant colourful products. Check them out.

Recycled Tetrapack Stationery Case from Thunk

Sling Bag made of Polythene Cover from Thunk 


Clutch made of Recycled Tyre Tube from Greenthegap

Brooke Clutch made of Recycled Rubber and Waste Cloth from Greenthegap

Hancrafted Potli made from Discarded Fabric from Greenthegap

Have you upcycled any product? Share with us.

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