Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Micro Garden - Organic Food From Pot to Plate

When I started my journey of being organic & green, I was in a hurry to do it. I would dream that I am some kind of organic diva who just waves her hand (or maybe broom) and pronto her world changes to organic. Her entire family is eating, wearing, sleeping organic. Everyday she rustles up delicious organic food, wears organic and struts her way through life while everyone is awestruck at her prowness.

But, sadly that is not how life runs. It is difficult to make others believe in something that you strongly believe in. And moreover, utter the word green (and unless it is green salad), you will be considered the jhola chhap treehugger moron who is just babbling from his/her high ground. So when the reality hit me, I decided to take baby steps. I have been incorporating small things in my 'green' life starting from my kitchen.

Another dream of mine has been constant supply of organic veggies. Oh, how I wish, I had a big garden/farm brimming with all types of organic veggies and I go and pluck them and cook delicious meals. Alas, this too is not possible, when we live in urban jungle with only a small balcony to get air and sun. And I know that this the common complain of all those with green thumbs.

But then I came across something called 'microgreen gardening', and am going to give it a go. Microgreens are herbs/greens which are harvested when they are quite young. They usually take less space and, from what I have read, are super easy to grow on your window sill or balcony.

Two or more plants can be grown together

 Some more inspiration. Recycle your soft drink bottles to grow your veggies.

 Or go vertical like this

Are you growing your food on your balcony? Share your pics with us. Send your garden/balcony pictures on ecoliciouslyorganic@gmail.com and I shall share them here.

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  1. Great inspirational idea for green lovers. I have tried indulging in some radical gardening methods, including the square foot gardening too but, actually working on it is more difficult than it seems. Being said that, "Microgreens" seems interesting, but, again, you'll end up with too little reward for the hard work this needs. Anyways, best of luck for your experiment. Will wait for you to post the outcome :)

    1. Thanks for your comment. I have also read about square foot gardening but did not attempt it as it did not appeal to me. But I am hoping that this experiment of mine pays. Will keep you posted.

  2. Thanks for visiting ShishuWorld. Love your blog and the idea of a space dedicated to all things organic.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog @Priya and liking it