Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Better Things for Better Half

With Id and Teej round the corner, gift better, preservative free things to your better half. And as they say - Its the thought that counts!!!

Here are some ideas

Organic Spa Hamper (something like this)

Spa Voucher
Organic Lipstick

Organic - Or better yet Ayurganic Clothes ( Organic Cotton Dyed in Herbal Dyes)
A real rose dipped in Gold
Do let me know if you also know of any "Ecoliciously Organic" Gift.

Ecoliciously Organic


  1. The lipsticks from Young are nice. I am using these .

    1. Thanks Prat.
      I am using the Soultree lipstick and Kajal and am liking it. I have also posted a detailed review along with the details of the ingredients of Soultree Lipstick in my post on Organic Lipstick.

      Will try the Young brand too.