Thursday, October 3, 2013

Non Violent Products

In spirit of 2nd October, instead of 'Thrifty Thursday Finds', I bring today some non-violent products.

  • Ahimsa Honey - Its a honey which is bee-friendly!! Tribes of India in Orissa and South India have already been following this method since time immemorial. Now with the rise of veganism, it is in great demand. For the uninitiated, Veganism is different from Vegetarianism. Vegan people do not consume animal products as well as products derived from animals such as milk, honey etc. I could not find any site selling non-violent or Ahimsa honey. Although there are some 'Forest honey' and 'Organic honey' available on some sites.
  •  Ahimsa Silk - Silk which is produced after the moth has left the cocoon. I have written a post on different types of silks. You can read the post here. Some Ahimsa silk sarees are available for sale on different online sites.
  •  Vegan Shoes/Bags/Belts - Products that are not made from leather. Sensoveg is one such company in India making 'Vegetarian Shoes'.
 Do you know of more such products? Let us know

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  1. Interesting Blog...Knowing & understanding more about veganism is truly inspiring. I have written an article on veganism which has helped me to understand the concept of veganism better. Do check my article too.

  2. Thanks Monica. Would sure check out your article

  3. Please also check out . If you have any suggestions on products please send us !